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Tales from the All-Hero Challenge: Magnus (7/110)

Hello, and welcome to Tales from the All-Hero Challenge! A daily segment in which certified “Dota-noob” Gorillanator tells of his quest to finish Dota 2’s all-hero challenge, where you have to win at least one game with every single hero. Today we’re looking at Magnus, the ZeusWarrunnerKnight


Magnus is certainly something interesting. I’m probably playing him the wrong way and/or in the wrong lanes, but I feel like the moment laning phase ends, I go from being capable to take people on one on one, I end up feeling like more of a support, using my abilities to engage and assist in starting the teamfight with stuns and charges instead of doing straight-out damage to my enemies. Nonetheless, his kit is relatively simple.

Magnus’s Q is arguably his biggest offensive ability. It creates a little lightning bolt with long rang that deals up to 300 damage at its mac level. I usually end up using this to poke, as it’s a ranged ability.

Magnus’s W is strictly supportive- it gives allies bonus attack damage and a cleave for all of their attacks. It’s a great ability, and it’s a shame when it doesn’t get used often.

Magnus’s E is often used in combination with his ult or to save an ally. It causes Magnus to charge into an enemy, pushing them back into the direction they’ve been charged at from.


Magnus’s R creates an AoE stun around him. That’s... pretty much it. It DOES deal up to 200 damage, but aside from that, it’s nothing special. However, while the ability is simplistic, the implications of it can be drastic, as it can easily change the tides of a teamfight.

The team matchup- right side is our team, left is theirs.

The game starts out fairly- no, REALLY aggressively. As in, “the moment Sniper and I get into lane, I go head-to-head with Ursa and drive him out of lane for a minute” aggressive. I use what I learned from my game as Ursa and some helpful comments against Ursa to drive him out of lane frequently and poke him a whole lot. Despite the fact that I’m a melee hero, Sniper is ranged (moreso than most heroes because of his abilities). We manage to kite him out often, and it ends up working in our favor rather often. As for his lane partner, Crystal Maiden, we generally ended up besting her in lane. A lot. She did become a HUGE threat late game due to her ult, but early game, she was squishy and did little damage. At one point, however, she did pull off a great play where she froze Sniper and I under the enemy tower.


I start to use a general combo of... not much, actually. I usually just end up poking with my Q a whole lot. Normally when playing Magnus, you end up charging in with your E and then doing melee damage or using your ult. However, I’m against an Ursa and a Crystal Maiden (who can stun and slow me), so I definitely don’t want to get to close.


Things began to get a little tougher. Ursa started being Ursa and doing what Ursa does best- getting huge power spikes and winning melee 1v1s as long as he has his ult and lifesteal. Meanwhile, Crystal Maiden gets her ult and OH GOD SHE CAN DESTROY US NOW.

We managed to push out pretty far until laning phase ended, eventually getting up to their barracks tower. Then comes what I like to call “roam because you have nothing better to do” phase- the awkward transition between the time when you’re done laning and everyone else is still doing it.


You know how I said that we ended up killing CM a lot? That was pretty much the entirety of this section. Sure, we went to help out in other lanes, but CM was roaming too, and so we ended up killing her a lot due to it normally being a 3v2 in lane.


Suddenly, everyone’s done farming, and we start to push out mid lane. Things are going swimmingly. While some of the enemy team is still trying to split push, we’re making heavy progress on focusing mid lane.

However, like Magnus, the game changes- the entire enemy team heads mid and manages to wipe out the majority of us in a 1 for 3 trade. Rikki would pop out of nowhere and use his silencing cloud, while Crystal Maiden would ult, allowing Ursa to come in and pick us off. Meanwhile, Alchemist would be off destroying us with his... Actually, I have no diea what Alchemist even does. From what I can tell, sometimes he walks around and electrocutes everyone like Dazzle, sometimes he gets a big “5” over his head and throws a potion at you which... stuns you? Then sometimes he runs around rally quickly, and the whole time he’s just really chaotic.


The game becomes a constant back and forth, as a result of us having a special teamfight combo as well. Remember how in the “mechanics” section, I said that I feel like Magnus turns into a support halfway through? This would be that time. Often, I’d rush in with my E and use my ultimate immediately after, stunning the enemy team in most cases. This made everyone vulnerable, letting us go in for the kill. Normally, however, a pesky few like Rikki and Ursa would often escape, and then pick off the remaining few of us.


It’s a tedious game- one fight gone wrong can be “GG”. They’re up to our barracks and we’re up to theirs. All of a sudden, we win a teamfight and get a teamwipe! This is it- the victory push! Ursa comes our way, but it’s too late for him- I use my ult and he gets destroyed. The ancient is destroyed, and after almost an hour, the game is over!


So, what do I think of Magnus? He’s... Something. While he does deal heavy damage early game, I usually end up playing as more of a support late game. I’m probably “doing it wrong,” but that’s the way I usually jsut end up playing him. While no the most fun hero to play, he’s still very interesting. I give him 5 Crystal Maiden roams out of 10.




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