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Some Updates and Information Regarding Tales from the All-Hero Challenge

So those of you that read my “daily” segment, Tales from the All-Hero Challenge, have probably noticed that there hasn’t been a new one in 2 days. This is because I’m making some changes.

It isn’t going to be daily anymore.

I first started doing TftAHC for fun and to help me become a better player while documenting it all. However, I don’t exactly think I can do it on a daily basis anymore. I only have enough time for a few Dota games a day, and if I come across a hero I don’t like, I don’t want to spend all that time playing them in comparison to someone that I enjoy playing. Sometimes I might not even have enough time to or want to play Dota at all. I also want to put a bit more effort into the writing, as well. The past few pieces have been somewhat... lacking. It’s not going to be daily anymore. some might upload on consecutive days, some might upload days or even weeks apart. Overall though, the upload timing is no longer going to be consistent.


It’s going to become a tad bit more serious.

Early on, the entries had a lot of information about the game and the hero, and were pretty light on jokes. However, over time, they got less and less serious, eventually leading up to the Puck one, where I went extremely off topic twice and spent about only 1/3 of the time actually talking about the game. The only place where I really talked about the hero was the part about their abilities in the beginning.

I might not talk about the winning game.

This is a weird one. Imagine I get hypercarried in my winning game- how would I sum that up?


Boringly and without a feeling of adventure, I supposes.

So in the event of that happening, I might talk about my favorite game I played with that hero or play a few more games as them and talk about my favorite one.


So there you have it. All of the changes and information regarding the future of TftAHC as of now. I hope you enjoy the ones to come!

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