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Tales from the All-Hero Challenge: Tidehunter (4/110)

Hello, and welcome to Tales from the All-Hero Challenge! A daily segment in which certified “Dota-noob” Gorillanator tells of his quest to finish Dota 2’s all-hero challenge, where you have to win at least one game with every single hero. Today we’re looking at Tidehunter, the focus of the next Shark Week mockumentary.

So apparently Tidehunter isn’t some guy that goes from store to store trying to collect every bottle of Tide in existence. He’s really a Dota 2 hero that’s good for picking off enemies, engaging, and being a tank. He’s also a shark that walks around all day making puns.


Welcome to the Tidehunter post, ladies, gentlemen, and ruffians of all sorts. It’s going to be a fun one.

So basically, whereas in the previous posts I followed wither the wiki or what I normally built, for this game, I decided to play the “Gorillanator builds whatever items he thinks are good with no background information or advice whatsoever” build. This is why toward the end of the game I had a blink dagger, bottle, radiance, and magic stick and had no idea what to do with them.

But enough dwelling on how I played the game, let’s talk about the game I played! I began the game the way I usually do- not paying attention while I take damage and let up first blood- and overall, things were going pretty smoothly. My lane partner (Viper) and I were up against a single Rikki that didn’t end up causing us that much harm, because we’d end up doing loads of damage to him before he could get a chance to do anything, prompting him to run away. Top lane was weird like that. For the majority of the game, we had no lane opponents (aside from the usual “entire enemy team comes to gang up on the people pushing to the second turret”) and spent loads of time pushing and farming. Heck, here’s a picture of us and a turret at half health:


We’re 3 minutes into the game at this point.

Overall, there was a whole lot of roaming throughout the game. The only big threats to us were when the whole enemy team came top, but even then, our Luna would just come in and defeat them all, allowing us to get away.


You know what’s really fun? Blink dagger. Being chased? Blink dagger away! Want to engage? Blink dagger in! At one point I went up to the entire enemy team pushing down mid, poked them, and then blink dagger-ed away. It was completely pointless, but really fun!

Anyway, the reason I’m saying this is because it came into use so much. I’d blink dagger into an enemy attacking an ally and save them really frequently. At that point, we were really just scattered about the map doing whatever we wanted.


We pushed mid out (and I successfully tanked my first tower! Yay!) and eventually got up to their ancient, where the game ended after about 30 minutes.


The ancient’s destruction was actually pretty anticlimactic. Most players were either dead or far away, and so minions ended for us.


Now that the match is over, it’s time to focus on what the deep sea fangly fish Tidehunter can do.


Riptide needs to see a chiropractor. His “neck” just sprouts off horizontally from his body. You’ve gotta play a whole lot of Candy Crush for that kind of stuff to happen.

Like, really man. Go see a doctor.

Anyway, Tidehunter’s Q is a ranged attack that does up to 240 damage at its max level. However, the main focus is the slow. My basic combo would be slowing an enemy, blink dagger-ing to them, using my E, and getting the kill. It’s great for picking off stray enemies.


Tidehunter’s W is a passive that can block a portion of an enemy’s attack damage. It’s pretty neat.

Tidehunter’s E is a close range ability that deals AoE damage and does up to 245 damage at it’s max level. It also reduces enemy attack speed when used.


Tidehunter’s R makes Cthulhu pop out of the ground and stun everyone within its vicinity, dealing 380 max damage. I generally used it if I needed to escape, but it’s also great in a blink dagger combo.

So, what do I think of Tidehunter? He’s a shark. That walks. And makes puns. GG. 10 Cthulhus out of 10.





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