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Tales from the All-Hero Challenge: Tiny (3/110)

Hello, and welcome to Tales from the All-Hero Challenge! A daily segment in which certified “Dota-noob” Gorillanator tells of his quest to finish Dota 2’s all-hero challenge, where you have to win at least one game with every single hero. Today we’re looking at Tiny, Groot’s cousin.

Man, Tiny is a fun character. His gameplay is rock solid. His early game is rather hard because of a low mana pool, but instead of being consistently rough, it’s more akin to skipping a stone- it takes practice, but is fun once you have it down. According to the wiki, Tiny is a carry, nuker, pusher, initiator, durable, and a disabler- but I like to say that he’s more of a tanky dude that dishes out tons of damage with low attack speed, and uses certain disabling abilities to help engage and help in teamfights.


Although that’s mainly because I have 85 hours in Dota 2 and I still don’t know what a “nuker” would classify as.

The beginning of the game was a bit tough. I was the only one top lane until Spirit Breaker came along a few minutes later, leaving me to hold lane against a Huskar and a Lina. This was no easy task considering the fact that Tiny is a melee hero who only has two ranged abilities that use more than half of his mana pool early game. However, once Spirirt Breaker comes in, I can start to manage. We end up frequently pulling off a combo where I stun an enemy and then he rushes to them and gets the kill.

Eventually, because of my lackluster mana pool, I decide to buy bottle. For those that don’t know, bottle is an item with 3 charges that refills a portion of your health and mana. Whenever you go back to spawn, the charges refill. It’s a very good item for heroes that are mana hungry early game. Then I started to take a turn for the worse. Normally, you get power treads (boots that boost either your intelligence, health/strength, or agility) pretty early on and then build attack speed. However, I started focusing on attack speed first, and so I ended up spending an extra 2350 gold before getting one of my most essential items. Aside from that, I was playing rather foolishly in lane too, and I’m lucky that Spirit Breaker was there to save me. At one point, I was out of mana and got attacked by both Huskar and Lina at the same time. I died, but luckily, Spirit Breaker earned me two assists.


From there on out, the game started to go really well. Spirit Breaker roamed bottom to go improve his score while I stayed top and farmed for a bit so I could get my ultimate and buy the items I wanted to buy.


Suddenly, disaster strikes! Pudge starts running after me in what was probably the most action-packed part of the match. I stun him and switch my power treads to agility, but I can’t outrun him! One more hook & suppress from him, and I die. Out of the corner of my screen, I see Sniper, too! This is especially bad because at the time, Sniper was the most fed player on the enemy team and at one point he brought me down from 800 health to 300 within seconds. I’m almost at mid lane! Just a few more seconds and-

Oh hey, I’m dead.

Wait, what’s this? A spinning figure in the distance? Could it be? The legendary 13/2 Juggernaut? Yes! It is! Juggernaut swoops in, gets a double kill, and then runs off to bring justice elsewhere.


Now, I know what you’re thinking- “Gorillanator, why do you keep dying and then waiting for your teammates to get the kill?” I’ll have you know that I was actually doing rather well myself. I never got a Juggernaut-esque double kill, but I did get a few of my own. I was mostly happy to help out with stuns and throws so I could get more assists.


Eventually, Sniper disconnects and so two others from the enemy team quit the game with him. By then, however, we’re already pushing up to their barracks. I decide to split push top lane and manage to take down multiple turrets. Huskar catches me at one point, but I’m able to escape him and scare him off with considerably large damage. I also bought Aghanim’s scepter and it gave me this oversized tree:


We continue pushing out, eventually closing in on the ancient. Huskar keeps popping out of his fountain to attack us, but we repeatedly drive him away. The Radiant is victorious, and I level up my experience trophy! Hooray!

Overall, I think for one of my first games as Tiny, I did pretty well. It was no Undying game, but I still had loads of fun, and count on playing Tiny again when I’m not working on the all-hero challenge.


Alright, so I made a mistake and forgot to snap a picture of Tiny (unless you count the tree one). So to make up for it, here’s a picture of the Shagbark courier:


It’s the cutest thing ever and I love it.

Anyway, onto Tiny’s abilities!

Tiny’s Q is a ranged attack that creates an AoE circle. All enemies standing inside it at the time are stunned. This is great for pulling off all kinds of combos, no matter the situation! The ability does up to 300 damage depending on what level it is, and is great for engaging. The only real downside to it is the high mana cost. Early game, if you use this ability once, half of your mana pool is gone. During this period, use it intelligently, and only at the most crucial moments.


Tiny’s W tosses any nearby unit at the target (including the target itself). At its max level, it does 300 damage, but the damage can increase further depending on what level Tiny’s ultimate is and whether the unit thrown is an enemy or an ally. If you decide to throw the target into the air, it is briefly thrown into the air and can’t do anything, akin to Eul’s scepter of divinity.

Tiny’s E is a passive that gives Tiny a chance of “bouncing” the enemy’s attack back. At it’s max level, there’s a 25% chance of it occurring. Like with Visage’s E, I haven’t really seen any direct results yet, as the effect isn’t really that noticeable unless they have a particularly damaging hero.


Tiny’s R is what makes him so special. With every new point put into it, he grows in size, gaining damage and movement speed while losing attack speed. This is the ability that makes Tiny the high damage tank that he’s known to be, and it’s a rather nice ultimate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap a picture of his third stage before the game ended, so here’s a picture of the enemy ancient with Tiny in the top left corner:


Man, I’m bad at taking screenshots.

So what do I think of Tiny? He’s fun! He’s strong! He’s like Groot, but made of rocks! Best of all though, he constantly makes puns. It’s great. If I could have a Tiny announcer pack where he just made puns all the time, I’d buy it instantly. I give him 9 rock puns out of 10.





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