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Tales from the All-Hero Challenge: Undying (2/110)

Hello, and welcome to Tales from the All-Hero Challenge! A daily segment in which certified “Dota-noob” Gorillanator tells of his quest to finish Dota 2’s all-hero challenge, where you have to win at least one game with every single hero. Today we’re looking at Undying, Lifestealer’s dentist.

After my whole four-game Visage fiasco, I was lucky to catch a break with Undying, winning the first game I played. Short little story here: When I played Visage for the first time, I was completely unprepared. I didn’t know which lane to go, role to take, and items to build. So this time around, I decided to put my trust in the wiki!


From the start of the game, however, you would think that it was my first game and I just decided to main the random button.

I decided to take a point in my E first, which creates a tombstone that spawns in zombies. Whenever the zombies attack an enemy, it slows them. I thought that this would be more like Heimerdinger’s turrets, but I didn’t realize my mistake until I saw the mana emptying from my bar and the cooldown starting at 50. I had just put my first point into a high-cost, high-cooldown, low damage ability.

Soon enough though, I reach level 2 and put a point in my most damaging ability. As I’m lollygagging about in lane with Phantom Assassin, my lane partner, when Bounty Hunter pops out of nowhere and destroys us. Well, more like me, as I was focusing on the Faceless Void trying to escape our clutches. Suddenly, I make what i consider my best Dota play ever- I have 10 health. Bounty Hunter needs to hit me one more time to kill me, and despite him being almost just as low with about 100 health, my Q, which I primarily use for damage, is on cooldown. That’s when it hits me. I thrown down the tombstone. Bounty Hunter gets slowed by the zombies. Phantom Assassin is closing in on him, and BOOM- He was to score first blood becomes first blood. I escaped with ONE HEALTH POINT. It was probably the most insane thing I’ve ever done in Dota.


After that, we continue dominating top lane, and I start building tank and mana regen items because Undying is REALLY mana hungry, which isn’t good for his low mana pool. Once I get my ult we start really destroying. It essentially turns me into this big ol’ zombie thing that has an aura surrounding him which slows enemies and does damage over time. I generally start slowing with my tombstone and going in with my Q or ult.


Unfortunately, two of the enemies have disconnected, making it easier for us and harder for them. But nonetheless, we end, GG’s are scattered about, and the game is concluded nicely.


Now that the game is over, it’s time to discuss Undying himself. This is going to be fun.


Undying is essentially this creepy old Zombie dude who walks around all day with his mouth open like he’s waiting for somebody to toss a fruit snack into his mouth as a dare. C’mon, you all know you’ve tried to throw those things up in the air and then catch them with your mouth. Anyway, like I said, I followed the wiki, and generally ended up building tank and intelligence items that I can’t remember the names of to save my life.

Undying’s Q and W are a tad bit complex. His Q “steals” the strength of the people around him and combines it with 140 base damage at its max level. The damage is then returned in form of a little circle that deals damage to anyone inside of it at the time.


Undying’s W performs similarly to his Q, in the sense that it “steals” the health of surrounding units and is then used to either damage an enemy or heal an ally. While it’s certainly no urn of shadows in terms of healing, it’s still a pretty useful ability.

So, what’s Undying’s E? Stealing agility? Mana? Nope, it summons a tombstone that spawns in zombies that slow and attack enemies. It’s like if you woke up on Christmas and got a jigsaw puzzle, but one of the pieces was misplaced with a new bike. It’s not what you expected, but you’re glad you have it anyway.


Undying’s R is a bit odd. Basically, it temporarily turns him into this thing:


While in this form, an aura appears around you that slows and amplifies the taken damage of any enemy within its vicinity. If you have blink dagger (which I didn’t, but I can see this being a good play), I’m sure that you can just go in, slow the enemy, use Q and E, and easily defeat them, pulling off a magnificent combo. However, the best thing about this ultimate is that his teeth transform from toothpicks into somewhat normal teeth. I don’t know whether his dentist is either really skilled or very bad.

So, what do I think of Undying? He’s probably one of my most favorite heroes after this game! Despite requiring skillful positioning, he’s relatively easy and a whole load of fun. You can pull off insane combos with the tombstone, and when you make that one really good play, the feeling of success is wonderful. I give him 9 dentists out of 10.




NEXT HERO: TINY (Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this one!)

Have any tips or tricks for Gorillanator? Leave them in the comments below! He probably needs them. Tales from the All-Hero Challenge releases new pieces daily at 5 AM as of now. If you have any problem with the scheduling, just let me know!

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