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Tales from the All-Hero Challenge: Ursa (6/110)

Hello, and welcome to Tales from the All-Hero Challenge! A daily segment in which certified “Dota-noob” Gorillanator tells of his quest to finish Dota 2’s all-hero challenge, where you have to win at least one game with every single hero. Today we’re looking at Ursa, the rejected TAY mascot.


I despise Ursa’s playstyle. No matter what game I’m playing- Dota, HotS, LoL, TERA- I always prefer ranged characters with low health and high damage than melee characters that are semi-tanky and deal high damage. But why? They’re tanky, so they can survive. They have high damage, so they can win a 1v1. So why do I hate them? It’s probably because I’m a big baby who’s too scared to get up close to the enemy. Heck, in LoL, I had some sort of inability to play top lane solely because of that. I couldn’t even get fed as Riven- one of the most broken champions in the game! But today, I set aside my fears and realized something- I shouldn’t be scared to go in on a 1v1 like that because that’s what characters like that are designed to do- Ursa especially.

Ursa’s Q is fantastic to use in combination with his other abilities, both early game and late game. Dealing 240 damage at its max level, it’s an AoE ability where Ursa slams down on the earth, slowing anyone around him for four seconds.

Ursa’s W- or as I like to call it, “once you have this ability maxed and at least one lifesteal item, you’re set for the game,” gives Ursa increased attack speed for up to 6 subsequent attacks at its max level. In battle, I like to use my Q to slow the enemy and then phase boots/blink dagger to catch up and destroy them with my W.

Ursa’s E activates whenever you attack an enemy and then places a debuff on them for 15 seconds that allows you to deal up to 30 bonus damage per basic attack. It seems insignificant, and even though I generally max it last, if both Ursa’s E and W are maxed out and he uses his W, that’s about 180 bonus damage right there.


Ursa’s R is odd compared to the rest of his kit- it’s defensive. It gives him 80% damage reduction and multiplies the damage that fury swipes does. You’d think that it’d go the “offense is the best defense” route and boost all of his damage, but apparently it just goes straight for damage reduction. Still pretty good, however.


As I was saying earlier, today I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be scared to go in on a melee 1v1, and so I decided to be as aggressive as possible. It ended up going really well, but probably only because I’m Ursa. Timbersaw and I got the enemy Anti-Mage really low to the point where he backed off to spawn and Juggernaut had to play really defensively and farm under tower. When he came back, however, we went all in on him, and I got my first kill of the game. Timbersaw was practically in control of the bottom rune for the entirety of the game, grabbing it whenever he could so that nobody else could have it. He must have picked up about 15 bounty runes overall. I have to say, we had some extreme synergy bot lane. Despite the fact that he was a bit reckless early game, I ended up giving him some of my tangos, and he was back to full health in no time. At one point while I was away for a bit, the enemy Rikki and Spirit Breaker focused in on the poor guy. However, in a heroic fit of justice, he got both of them down to about 100 health! I rushed over using phase boots while they were trying to escape, and avenged my partner.


Laning phase “ended” right around here. I should say that it carried on while Timbersaw and I roamed instead, but because we’re talking from my perspective, it ended. We crawled around the jungle for a bit, mostly going top. We DID occasionally return to lane, but only when Anti-Mage was trying to push it out all by himself. I have to admit, Anti-Mage was quite a pain to play against, as the moment I teleported to him he’d teleport away using his abilities. Hey, did you know that Ursa can easily solo Roshan? All you need is a Vladimir’s, and you can take that thing down and walk away with full health and a brand spankin’ new Aegis. Although it takes a while, it’s still REALLY overpowered. Nobody expects you to take Roshan at 15 minutes, that’s for sure.


Oh, and that screenshot is from 25 minutes because I forgot to take one the first time around. Whoops. Anyway, when laning phase ended for everyone else, the game really started to pick up. Teamfight after teamfight, there was mass chaos. The enemy team came up with a really good combo where Juggernaut or Anti-Mage would serve as bait while everyone else hid in the trees. Rikki would use his silencing cloud on the person who was baited while Spirit Breaker would charage in, and the rest of the team would emerge from the trees and try to defeat you. Mot of the time, the rest of my team was here when this happened, but there was one time when I got caught off guard. I was minding my own business and trying to solo push mid lane, when a Rikki cloud appears out of nowhere, and everyone on the enemy team charges at me. I’m doomed for sure, right? Well yes, but not before I can use my Q to damage and slow everyone. Legion Commander has the lowest health out of everybody, and so I focus her first. She tries to escape, but I manage to use phase boots and catch up to her, getting the kill. Anti-Mage, now seeing the threat at hand, tries to get away, but using the power of blink dagger, I manage to catch him, killing him with my Q and W. Then all of the others catch up to me and manage to defeat me for real in a rather anticlimactic final fight.


A few teamfights later, we’re at the final push of the game. What I keep forgetting to make note of is the fact that even though we are winning, they still have some VERY strong players on their team. Spirit Breaker and Rikki kept managing to pull of some devious combos which rocked the way we fought entirely. They ended up denying their last ancient tower, and our team rushed over to their spawn. We arrive there, only to be greeted with a Spirit Breaker knockup and a Rikki cloud. One by one we die, with all of the survivors retreating except Huskar, who stayed to put up quite a fight. The ending up the game seems to be prolonged for another few minutes, but wait- what’s this? Shadow Shaman’s minion things are destroying the ancient! Could it be? Yes! It is! The Shadow Shaman minions just won the game for us!


So, that’s about it for my Ursa game. What do I think of him? He’s pretty fun, but OH MY GOD IS HE OVERPOWERED IF THE ENEMY DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Listen, if you’re ever against an Ursa, I have a piece of advice- ward EVERYWHERE. Ursa’s strong suit is sneaking up on you and taking you by surprise. By the time you see him, you’re already dead. Try to absolutely destroy his early game so that he’s much weaker late game. That way, he’s not as big a threat. Trust me, the moment this guy has the slightest bit of lifesteal and movement speed, he will dominate. That’s why even though I enjoyed playing him, I give Ursa 5/10 for cheapness.





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